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Do not buy a 4510L - internet randomly hangs while browsing - likely 4G network issues

Ok, so I was excited to jump into a 4G wifi hotspot. I did some quick research and noticed the Samsung 4G hotspot was having some internet connection issues. Samsung had released an update but I didn't want to bother. I mentioned to the Verizon Wireless sales person the hotspot issues and she mentioned she hadn't seen any issues with the Samsung or Mifi device... so I purchased the mifi4510L... and so starts the nightmare!


So the mifi4510L device started up and I connected to the internet. My connection speed was slower than my 3G ATT smartphone. I restarted the device a few times and finally noticed really high speeds both down and up. Apparently upon reading the manual, at first it was flashing yellow (3G connection) and after 30 minutes it finally found the 4G (flashing green) with 4 bars.


I immediately start noticing that when I'm working, websites start to randomly hang... using windows xp. I restarted the device numerous times, took out the battery, sim card and it still would hang on random websites. So I tried using my personal Windows 7 laptop... same problem... how about my Android smartphone on wifi... same problem... oh and an old laptop I have at home with Windows Vista... same problem.


So, of course, the first thing to do is jump on google to see if this is a wide spread problem with mifi. The problem is though, that many people don't know how to describe the problem. I saw a few instances of people having somewhat similar problems and exchanging the device numerous times and even switching out sim cards.


By now it is very late at night/early morning. I thought since many people seem to be having issues maybe Verizon customer service would be aware of the problem and could help. Well now I was talking to someone who barely speaks english. He has no idea about what this mifi thing is and has never dealt with any tech support regarding the device. I was put on hold while he researched the issue, I asked about resetting the device, and he mentioned the Mifi has no reset button... later, I found a pdf of the manual and found the reset button..I was working in the dark and never noticed it was right there in front of me, So before I hung up the phone, Verizon customer service promised they would call within 48hrs and give me an update on what they had found... It's been a month and still no call.


So a week later, the problem is still occurring, even at different locations with 4bars on 4G. I decided to stop by the Verizon wireless store. I asked about issues with the mifi and was told there weren't any issues. I found this strange since I had now seen so many posts online about the problems people were having. I tried every salesman in the store and was told the same. Ok so now I wanted to try out the Samsung hotspot. At first I was told I could only exchange it for another mifi... then they said oh I would just have to pay a restocking fee. Some online posts seemed to suggest that exchanging the device and sim card helped so I did just that. I made it home, and the first thing I notice is that now I had no sim card... a trip back to the store to pick up the sim card. It took about 10-15 minutes before it established the 4G connection but I was back up and running. I was online for about 10 minutes and no hang so I went to bed.


Another week goes by and  now I am really frustrated. Calls to Verizon are the typical; there are no problems, just reset,restart,or go exchange for a new one.


And now I found the following video that suggests it's the 4G network itself.


Verizon is supposed to be a great company! Why would they destroy their reputation just to make a quick few million dollars. The Customer Service/tech support was a horrible experience and the 4G network doesn't seem to work properly.


A call tonight to Verizon concluded with "well with any new technology there are bound to be some issues, over time Verizon should have some type of fix".


Where is the class action lawsuit?!?!






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Re: Do not buy a 4510L - internet randomly hangs while browsing - likely 4G network issues

JV1, if you are early enough to get out of the contract, do it! If you browse through these forums (and other on internet) you will find this is Verizon 4G, it will NOT get better anytime soon. This problem has existed since launch, through the 4510L is the worst device they have, it's not the culprit, I have had all of them.  It is the network.


Oh and by the way, Verizon isn't stupid, someone else pointed out to me the small print on the contract prohibits you from pursuing a class action suit against them.  All disputes have to be settled by arbitration which is binding per contract.  Guess they knew this would happen......

Re: Do not buy a 4510L - internet randomly hangs while browsing - likely 4G network issues

Sorry, 4G locked up and created double post 😕 that is a great video, too bad it's not getting more attention to stop these **bleep** (Verizon) from increase market share....