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Does anyone else notice the slowness of 4G since pandemic?

We are a family of 7, using Verizon wireless for more than 6 years. It has never disappointed us like this before. Unlike what we thought could be temporary slowdown last year, it's been 3mbs consistently a year later. The last time I remember nonstop YouTube loading was 4 years ago before the LTE age. The slow speed is consistent wherever we travel on the east coast.


I visited local Verizon store and was only told I'm old & my plan is old cuz we are on the "slow and obsolete 4G". Are you sure Verizon? We remember what speed we got prior to you promoting 5G if you don't remember. And I compare to my friends' AT&T / T-Mobile numerous times when we hang out. Verizon used to be the star when we are out and about. It has turned a shame. 


You will not retain your long time customers by doing this. It's just disgusting. How you justify your premium over the other carriers? Or you don't care?

Re: Does anyone else notice the slowness of 4G since pandemic?
Customer Support

This is definitely not the experience we want for our customers. Please send us a Private message so that we may help look into this in closer detail.*Estevan

Re: Does anyone else notice the slowness of 4G since pandemic?

You are not the only one having these problems. It's clear to me that Verizon is weaning us off 4GLTE.  I'm sure just like you, that we all have been experiencing slower speeds and lower signal levels in 4 LTE service. What Verizon is doing is getting us angry enough to upgrade to 5G. Not me, I'm going to Google Fi.  Twenty bucks per line vs. Verizon's 60 bucks (and poor service). No thanks. I can save a ton and use the best carriers service. Google FI has contracts with top wireless carriers and your phone will seek the best service. 

I have been a Verizon customer for a very long time. I have a lot of history with them and its clear they are turning the screws on us 4 LTe users.

We do have choices and I'm going to let my money do the talking.