Does the "X" in XLTE stand for Extra Slow?
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When XLTE was introduced they forgot to tell us the "X" was for extra slow.

Ever since the NEW and IMPROVED XLTE service has come out my performance has been cut in 1/2 or worse.  Before XLTE it averaged 6-8 down now it averages 2-4, Before XLTE it averaged 2-3 up now it averages 1+ up.

1.  My tests before and after LTE all use the same server in the Chicago area.
2.  The includes multiple locations.  Even the performance next to a tower has decreased 50%.
3.  This is using 100's of tests on OOKLA since October 2013

To dismiss it is a device issue I was everywhere from Clymer, PA to Pittsburg, PA this last week and the phone speed tests were great it averaged 15-20 down and 8-10 up.  **These also used the same TEST server in Chicago and it is farther away from PA.


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Re: Does the "X" in XLTE stand for Extra Slow?
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XLTE is just rebranding LTE. It's a marketing gimmick.

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