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Don't overlook mobile hotspots!!!

I would like to share my experience with Verizon's mobile hotspot feature, which I feel is an often overlooked advantage of these smartphones.  Recently the modem for my  home dsl service  apparently took a shot from a power surge and no longer worked.  That is when I gave the mobile hotspot on my phone a try.  4G service was MUCH faster than my basic dsl.

I contacted  AT&T about my dsl, I was told I needed to purchase a new modem, or preferably switch to the new Uverse, which of course came at a much higher price.  It didn't take me long to decide to cancel the dsl, which I paid 30+ a month for, and switch to using the Verizon hotspot for my internet connection.  Much cheaper (with the share everything plan) to add a few extra GB of data than pay a large fee each month for yet another internet service. 

Of course, beware, there are downsides to it. You need to have a share everything plan, the old unlimited plans do not include a mobile hotspot feature. The data is not unlimited. We are empty nesters and do light internet surfing and email.  It would not be cost effective for a household that downloads a lot of movies or music, etc.   There ALWAYS has to be a smartphone nearby.  No phone, no service!

I am a big fan.  We pay a large amount each month for our smartphone communication.... Take advantage of it!!

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Re: Don't overlook mobile hotspots!!!

The mobile hotspot feature could be added on to the old unlimited smartphone data plans for additional cost on top of data plan price.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.