Downtown Birmingham, AL (35233) 4G LTE Non-Existent

A few weeks ago this happened and I called.  They stated a tower was being worked on and it should be back up soon.  It was back up by the end of that day.  Now it is doing it again.  Ive called and they said that its not a tower.  Ive replaced my SIM card and its the exact same.  Other people are experiencing it also.  I was getting good speeds one day, and the next I cant do anything over the net.  Voice, text, and 3G work, but I cant force my phone to go down to 3G anymore now that the Phone Info App has been redone.  It shows full 4G LTE also.

I did read the news report about NYC, Chicago, and the bigger cities having trouble, but Birmingham is nowhere near that size.  Plus its not like we had a sudden influx of thousands of people.

Whats going on?

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