Driver release held up by Verizon?

I really want to get one of the new 4G USB modems that I can plug into a suitably designed router so I can have Internet access from multiple computers in our RV. Spoke with someone at Zoom, a company that makes the product I need, but he told me that until they have Linux drivers, they cannot make their router compatible with the newer modems offered by Verizon. So, how about it, Verizon? When the router supports your modem, I'll buy one in a heartbeat. Until then, I'm sticking with my 3G V740 that is more than two years old.

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Re: Driver release held up by Verizon?

I'd go ahead and buy then.  Cradlepoint ( already supports the Pantech UML290 and LG VL600 USB modems.  Support for the 551L (Novatel) model that just came out will probably happen eventually as well.  See the press release here:

There are multiple routers to choose from depending on what features you require.



Re: Driver release held up by Verizon?
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Try the CradePoint MBR95 only 109.00


It also supports


LG VL600
Novatel Ovation MC720 (Verizon USB720)
Novatel Ovation MC727 (Verizon USB727)
Novatel Ovation MC760 (Verizon USB760)
Novatel MiFi 2200
Novatel USB551L Pantech UM150
Pantech UM175
Pantech UMW190VZ
Pantech UMW190NCD
Pantech UML290
Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U