Droid Charge Issues

I have only had my Droid Charge for 2 months and I absolutely hate it!  It locks up all the time and I have to take the battery out.  Then it switches to 3G where I live.  Now, it won't charge.  I charge it every night.  Charged it last night, barely used it today and it's almost dead.  It's been on the charger for 2 hours now and is still showing a dead battery.  I have about had it with this phone.  Of course Verizon is absolutely no help!  They're the ones that talked me into this phone.  I wanted the Iphone and they said this one was way better.  It's a piece of crap!!!

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Re: Droid Charge Issues
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Twardle, I can certainly understand your discontent with the issues you are having with your phone. 


First for the charging issue, are you still having this issue? Are you using the wall charger that came with the phone? Does the phone show any indication that it is being charged? 


Also, when the phone is locking up, does this happen on a certain application? If so, try clearing cache/data from that app. The last step I would recommend if still having any issues is a factory reset. This will reset the phone to default settings and does resolve the majority of any device problems. 

Re: Droid Charge Issues

I haven't had the opportunity to read through all of the Droid Charge Issue posts but it appears that we are ALL having similar problems to an extent....

I have had my charge since May and if memory serves me correctly, I had it replaced once within the initial month or so of having it


I have ALWAYS had an issue with 4G coverage..I've always been told that it's due to a lack of a connection in my area but friends in my home are able to get 4G service and I can in certain parts of the home. I was actually getting 1X service which is just RIDICULOUSLY unacceptable for what I paid for this phone.


Lately the 4G/3G service in my home has not been AS BAD but still is not great. I never had a signal at work and was told it was due to the structure of the building as the service was designed to work outdoors, really?? so I'm going to sit outside and make phonecalls and get the internet connection I need?! umm  NO.


my Biggest complaint recently has been my phone freezing, the screen during off during a call in which i need to use the dialpad and cannot get the screen to come up and the CHARGE's inability to CHARGE!!!! When I use my wall charger (YES the SAMSUNG charger that came with the phone) or a cigarette lighter charger in my car the phone goes back and forth from charging to not charging. I have to move it a million different ways for it to charge and cannot guarantee that it will charge during the night. Due to the nature of my job and the situations that I am put into while at work, I need my phone to be RELIABLE and CHARGED at all times! I cannot deal with this charging issues. It was not happening as recent as two months ago. I noticed that my car charger worked fine and then one day would bring up the message asking if I want to access the media or mass storage instead of charging it. The mere sound of the beeping going from an uncharged to a charged state every second without any movement is making me what to end my contract.


Verizon needs to do something. I have not turned my phone in yet because I am NOT WILLING To pay all of the money that I do to be sent a REFURBISHED phone that was turned in for the same issues!




I was also talked out of buying the iPhone back in May (of course theres little profit on them for VZW!)