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Droid Razr 4G Mobile Hotspot Issues with PS3

I am hoping someone else had this issue and has been able to resolve.  I just got a Droid Razr this week, and I have the 4G mobile hotspot feature.  I am trying to replace my slow DSL line at home, and most things in my house have tested fine (Internet access, etc.).  However, my PS3 seems to have some issues, particularly with online gaming and testing the network connection.  The game I am testing now is COD MW3.  I thought maybe something like IP ports were blocked on the phone or 4G network, but searching online seems to indicate that isn't an issue.  If I reconnect my PS3 back to the DSL, online gaming and network tests work just fine.  Move it back to 4G and the game won't connect and the network tests don't complete.  


I don't see any features on the phone that would indicate that you can modify any firewall like settings.  Anyone else experience similar issues?  Thanks in advance!

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Re: Droid Razr 4G Mobile Hotspot Issues with PS3

I'm having the same issue with my Samsung 4g hotspot as well.  I can get onto the PSN, download game updates just fine, but when I'm in a MW3 lobby, it just sits there and eventually times out and a XMB message displays that i've been disconnect from the wireless access point.  Anyone have any ideas?