Droid X not connecting to Mifi 4510l

Ok, where to start.  About 11 days ago I upgraded from the Mifi 2200 to the Mifi 4510l.  I currently use the mifi as my main internet connection in my house.  I run a desktop, ps3, iphone 3g, and droid x off of the Mifi device.  Every device besides the Droid X communicate flawlessly with the mifi 4510l.  When I had the Mifi 2200 there weren't any connections problems.  As soon as I recieved the 4510l I began to have problems with the Droid X.  


I have talked with Verizon tech support almost every night trying to resolve this issue.  This past monday verizon sent me a replacement Droid X that upon activating and powering up had the same exact issue connecting with the mifi 4510l.  After about 15 minutes of messing with the replacement Droid X the phone powered down and I wasn't able to restart the phone so I put it back in the box and returned it.  I then re-activated my old Droid X and continue to have the same problems.  Verizon tech support opened a "problem ticket" in response to my issue, I am still unsure what that solved.  


Last night "Andrew" from tech support suggested that I exchange the mifi 4510l for the samsung 4g device at my local store and see if that communicates better with the Droid X.  I went down to the local verizon store with the mifi 4510l and was told that I would have to pay a restocking fee of $35.00 if I wanted to exchange the mifi 4510l.  I decided to leave the verizon store because I was getting the feeling that they weren't going to do anything for me until I forked over more money.


So, here I sit with the Mifi 4510l that wont connect to my Droid X.  Everytime I talk to verizon tech support they tell me that they need to discuss the problem with their supervisor and that they will call me back.  So far, this has happened three times with zero call backs.  My only hope is that someone else is having the same problem and has figured it out.  I have tried all of the different security setups, different channels, different wireless modes (g,b,n), etc.  It is almost as if the Mifi 4510L goes dormant, and the Droid X cannot wake it up out of it's "dormant" state, whereas the iphone, or desktop don't have that problem.  If anyone can help me, I would GREATLY appreciate it.  I am kinda stuck. 


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Droid X not connecting to Mifi 4510l

Hey, I came across this posting because I also have a Verizon mifi4510L wireless device for my apartment and its having issues connecting to my ps3. 

i wish i could help you with your issue cause its sounds really irritating and silly that they arn't getting it to work properly. or listening either. but i'm not as technologically savvy which makes me need to ask about the ps3 thing-

you said you got it to detect on your ps3? or did you enter it manually? 


cause, this device isn't being seen when the ps3 scans for wireless connections. i entered it maually and its telling me the characters i entered arn't valid and telling me instructions for hexidecimal and ascii imput characters. 

i am a bit lost, and i wondered if you could help me. if not, anyone else? ha 


thanks for any feed back. and good luck getting that droid taken care of. and **bleep** you shouldn't have to pay a restocking fee for something that doesn't work!

Re: Droid X not connecting to Mifi 4510l

Having similar problem. In this case I have both the 4510L and the Samsung both operating in my apartment. simultaneously. My iPhone 3G and applemac connect flawlessly to both of them. However, my Blackberry and iPOD connect briefly and then disconnect requiring a complete re-boot and re-install. Connection lasts about 1-3 minutes before it fails. This occurs for both devices. Wi-Fi icons appear in both broadband devices and also the iPOD and Blackberry screens but they do not communicate.


Calling Apple tech and Blackberry today, but problem seems to be more with the broadband units.