Dropped calls and no connection

Had Verizon for years with no problems. Live in WV using Verizon from Winchester, VA. Years without dropped calls or lost connections. Now that Verizon opened up in WV we have had nothing but dropped calls, losing our connection so we can't make any calls. Called our subscriber in Winchester, no problem with their signal so they suggested shutting the phone down completely and then restarting it. That didn't work. I am tired of it. I have 4 phones and pay my bill on time so I can get subpar product, enough. Fix the problem please, or I will go somewhere else with my money.

Frustrated Customer

Re: Dropped calls and no connection
Customer Service Rep

We never want you to feel let down with our network or cancel service. There are currently no alerts or outages in the location mentioned. Do you have Wi-Fi access? If so, tell us whether you're using Wi-Fi calling. Are the dropped calls for every call or is this an intermittent problem?  SheritaH_VZW