Dropped calls since September in 22485

I don't know if anyone has been experiencing the dropped calls issues or not but I have had it.  My wife's old 3G flip phone and my iphone5 drop calls every day. Roughly 3 or 4 calls, then we have to come inside and use the house phone.  I placed a ticket (removed) in December after being frustrated for two months.

After a couple weeks engineers......ENGINEERS called my wife and had her update her towers...... Then apparently closed the ticket. I just spoke to another verizon rep who informed me the engineer noted on the ticket that he informed us that verizon is not responsible for signals going through walls. WTH? Who said anything about signals going through walls. I drop calls on every inch of my property. I am less than two miles away from a tower. He said it was because of Foliage. Huh! september/october! Now were in almost February!

All they have done is give me the run around.  They want me to purchase a Network Extender. OF COURSE!

One of my friends that comes over has AT&T and doesn't drop calls. I don't know if that is from the service or the phone being different.

Bottom line - Did not have this problem before September. Now I do. And its up to me to fix it!

I have been with Verizon for over 11+ years. We now have 5 kids.  Needless to say they will not be getting verizon services.

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