Due to a weak signal, I can't call or use a wireless data at home.

Due to a weak signal, I can't call or use a wireless data at home.

When I try to use my cellphone, there is only 1 bar in the screen.

And even it was connected, due to a severe noise, I can't talk with other people.

Moreover, my apartment is included in a LTE coverage of Verizon, however it is displayed that 3G or 1x on the screen.

My apartment is Lofts at Perimeter Center.

I'll wait your answer.

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I'm not sure you are aware, but this is first and foremost a customer-to-customer help forum. This is not customer service.

Additionally, Lofts at Perimeter Center means absolutely nothing, no one can tell in what state and/or city that is located.

Finally, even within a "full coverage" area, factors such as building construction, obstruction from towers by surrounding structures, foliage, terrain, proximity to towers can ALL affect your cellular reception. Cellular service IS NOT guaranteed in any given location regardless of the "estimated" cellular coverage indicated on Verizon's coverage maps.

If you want/need coverage in your home, you

1)may have to look into purchasing a network extender to use in your home


2)switching to a provider which has a better signal in your home.

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