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I have been with Verizon Wireless for just over 2-weeks and I'm extremely disappointed with my coverage on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. Previously, I was with AT&T since the original iPhone 6-years ago. To be honest, I never had any real issues with them or their coverage. I switched for three reasons, first Verizon was offering a $200 trade-in for my previous iPhone and AT&T wasn't. Second, VZW is now offering voice over LTE (AT&T isn't...yet), which I've been wanting for some time. And lastly, I live in Maryland and Verizon's coverage area is strong. I honestly figured this would be a lateral move coverage wise. Another attraction I had with VZW is their LTE spectrum is a true LTE.

I have to say though that I get almost 0 coverage inside buildings. If I go anywhere off Route 50, I lose LTE coverage even though VZW's coverage map lists almost the entire Eastern Shore as having LTE coverage. This is flat out FALSE! I just drove through Delaware and had 1X coverage for almost the entire trip. The call quality on 1X is absolutely repulsive! It sounds as if two robots are talking through tin cans.

Call quality over LTE sounds fantastic and data speeds are great. However, I think that VZW is greatly exaggerating their LTE footprint.

And if it matters, I'm connecting to the network on an iPhone 6 on iOS8.

Can anyone offer any guidance here?

-Regretting my decision in Maryland

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Welcome to our VZW family. We want you to enjoy our service, I'm sorry to learn you've had problems with it lately. To look into this, first we need your zip code please. Are your problems in buildings are more noticible in specific buildings?

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Hello AdaS_VZW:

Thanks for your reply. My zip code is 21811. Almost every building in downtown Berlin, MD is unable to obtain a signal that will maintain a solid data connection. Specific locations include:

The Globe Restaurant - Berlin, MD

Rayne's Reef Restaurant - Berlin, MD

The Atlantic Hotel - Berlin, MD

The Den Restaurant at Bear Trap Dunes Golf Course - Ocean View, DE

**All of these locations are listed as solid 4G/LTE coverage on your coverage map.

Just drive up MD Route 113 from Berlin into Delaware and my coverage goes from 4G/LTE, to 3G to 1X in many spots. The entire 113 route from Berlin into Delaware is listed as solid 4G/LTE.