Employer discount on USB 4G modem plan

I can't seem to find any definitive answer on whether or not my employer discount also applies to getting a 4G USB modem. I did speak to a rep on chat the other night and she said it does but when I go to add one to a shopping cart it never indicates that I would pay less than the full price. Do I or do I not get the discount? I'm confused.

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Re: Employer discount on USB 4G modem plan

Employee discounts are not allowed on USB modems or hotspot devices or plans


Here is the blurb that is on my companies website.The mobile broadband plan exclusion it is the same for all companies


Get a 20% discount on Verizon Wireless Calling Plans of $34.99 or higher. Discount on Family Share Calling Plans apply only to the primary line of service. Discount is not available on Mobile Broadband Calling Plans. Click the Shop Now button on the right to register your existing line for the discount. Remember to use the address information from your VZW bill.