Erratic LTE service at my home ZIP 31220

While at home my IPhone will display 2 bars and LTE but more often than not, I will have little or no data to load websites or download emails.  At times the service is fine, but even with LTE displayed downloads will stall out.  Sometimes I can turn airplane mode on and off and downloads will resume, other times this has no effect.  At times the display will change to 3G or 1X and jump back to LTE with no change in download speed. Other times it will work fine with no issues.  I do not have this problem any place other than at my home.

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Re: Erratic LTE service at my home ZIP 31220
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I know how important it is to make sure that you can remain connected in times of need. Are you having these issues indoors or outdoors? Does this happen at all times of the day? Do you have issues with your calls and messages as well? NicholeK_VZW

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