Expansion of 4G LTE Home Internet - Westminster, MD

I have two home near each other in Westminster, MD. One has Verizon 4G LTE coverage and the other does not. They are 2 miles apart as the crow flies. I have researched dozens of addresses between the two homes and found the cut-off line (Two homes at the same elevation and less than 100 feet apart). I have researched the cell towers and none of this makes sense. I had a friend that has Verizon cell services drive around with me. Verizon signal is strong throughout the area and the coverage map provided by Verizon shows 4G LTE is available at hundreds of homes between this house and the other one. Tried to speak with a technician who wasn't a lot of help.

Basically, tried to find out if the reason was a max number of users off the existing Verizon towers or another issue. Verizon keeps saying it is coming but that has been for over a year as Verizon rolled the service out across the nation and in a populated area with good coverage there has been nothing new.

Tried (still trying) to find someone in the Verizon business model that wants to expand the service to monetize the existing investment and infrastructure. My idea was to have them send me a router and I would try it out at the other home. If it worked, it shows there is service and they would have the opportunity to expand into so many more homes (several hundred and maybe into the thousands). If it didn't work, I would bundle it up and send everything back. Miniscule cost for Verizon as I would do the work and testing for free. Verizon upside could be a huge monetary gain for a risk of a cheap piece of equipment and shipping fees, all to leverage already spent costs.

But, the technician couldn't help and recommended this forum. If anybody knows how to initialize this process, please let me know. 

Or, if someone has tried something like this and I am either missing something or wasting my time, please let me know.

It is amazing to me that Verizon wouldn't jump at a low cost effort to bring in more revenue.

Bob R.