Extremely Poor Service

I moved into a new home approximately 6 months ago. The Verizon service is very poor here. I live in a single unit house in a dense, single unit neighborhood within two miles of downtown. I’ve checked with guests who have AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and other carriers. The Verizon service is the only one that is always poor. I couldn’t even upload this help page on the Verizon network. Can you assist with boosting the signal? I’ve been to three different Verizon stores for help, and each said the only thing I could do is upgrade my phone. I have an iPhone 12 that is not so old and I’m not going to spend money to fix a problem I didn’t create. I’ve been a Verizon customer for a good long while and believe it’s a network issue. Verizon can put their antennae anywhere they want in the right of way in the state of Texas now, so this should be a fixable issue. Can you help?

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Customer Service Rep

Congrats on the new home, Mbrollier. I know I would be upset if I had poor coverage in my new home. The great news is that we have some solutions. Let's review them together. Please be on the lookout for a private note from us.