Extremely poor service in area marked as "excellent coverage"
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We are moving into a new home about 5 miles away from our previous home.  We've found that the coverage strength (both voice and data) at the new home is extremely poor.  Not just in the house but throughout the entire neighborhood.  Most of the time there is no LTE coverage at all (with an "x" on the signal strength meter), voice calls often drop or do not connect, and texts often do not get sent.  I never see any indication that the signal is dropping back to 3G either.  This occurs on everyone's phone, not just mine (including my wife, son, and our Realtor's phones)

I have called in and reported the issue and was boosted to a Tier 2 technician, who created a ticket (#NRB000010237684) to look into the issue, after a number of initial troubleshooting steps (restart phone, update phone, remove and reinstall SIM card).  He investigated and said that there were numerous relatively recent tickets in the area reporting poor coverage issues.

Unfortunately the Tier 2 technicians primary response was mainly to blame everything but Verizon and claimed it was out of Verizon's control.  Possible causes he cited were:

- Home structure interference - not possible in this case as the poor coverage applies to the entire neighborhood

- Foliage blockage - again not possible, this is not a heavily wooded area, and the poor coverage exists over the entire neighborhood (see previous point)

- terrain blockages - this is Florida, we don't have mountains, and barely have hills.

- population issues - I don't even know what this is supposed to mean?  It's not a highly populated neighborhood or area of the county

He stated the most likely offered solution would be a "network extender".  Assuming this means some kind of internet connected femto-cell device, this is NOT an acceptable solution.  Most importantly, one of the most critical reasons for us to have cell service is to make emergency phone calls.  The times that we'd need it the most, are also likely to coincide with loss of electrical power and/or internet service (i.e. Hurricanes, etc).  We cannot lose our ability to make emergency phone calls in those situations.

Verizon needs to accept that they are currently providing substandard coverage to a specific area of an otherwise widely covered area (on all sides, North, South, East AND West), and work to actually remedy the situation and not provide incomplete band-aids.

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First, I do want to congratulate you on your new home. I know that this is the last thing you want to know when you moved. I am a consumer myself so I understand the importance of having signal. I would love to review your options. I have sent your a private message.  -Amber_VZW