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Extremely slow 4g,,

"4g"extremely slow past 3 weeks, 18657 and 13787 zip codes, actually all over nepa and ny southern tier,,,1.54 mbps down, 1.15mpbs up,,,was around 3mbps 2 weeks ago,,,,was around 20mbps down a year ago,,run a mobile business and this is killing me,,,ready to jump ship and go to att after 15 years,,,premium price for increasingly bad service

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Re: Extremely slow 4g,,
Customer Support

We definitely want you to have the speeds that you need, patwano.  I have checked the Zip codes and I do not show any reports of trouble for the areas.  I see that this is something that you started experiencing recently.  Do you recall if there have been any changes to your device or account recently?  What make & model device do you have?


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Re: Extremely slow 4g,,

After 8 plus years of really good data speeds, I started to notice my 4G LTE dropping off in late July in the Pell City area in Alabama. I reported the issue at least 3 to 4 times. BTW, Verizon does not care. I'm also seeing download less than 1 mbs when it used to be in the 7 to 15 mbs range. It is absolutely awful........ I was eventually told I live in a low signal strength area. This is not true. 4G LTE always worked well before until recently. I was told a variety of things like Verizon does not guarantee signal strength inside your house. I'm seeing the same speeds outside my house in a supposed 4g LTE area. I was told it was probably just slow when the tower was too congested. If that is the case, the tower is congested 24 hrs a day because it never gets better.  I think Verizon is messing around and limiting speeds to discourage video streaming since they brought back the unlimited plans. I'm with you and ready to jump ship. I'm just trying to find someone with T-Moblie or AT&T to check their speeds at my residence. I have to do something. This service is practically unusable now.I see on average 200 kbs to 500 kps now. I did find that if I go to settings and switch mobile networks from the default setting of "Global" to "LTE / CDMA", I get 20 to 30 mbs inside my house for a couple minutes then it eventually drops again. Switch it back to Global 20 to 30 mbs for a few minutes and then drops off. That's why I think Verizon is limiting us. They have done something. They just are not admitting it.

Re: Extremely slow 4g,,
Customer Support

We want to make sure that this gets looked into so that your speeds are up to date, Scott4UA. Have you had an NRB ticket submitted to look into your speeds? Do you know if others are having issues with speeds in your area? What is the make and model of the device so that we can assist you here?


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Re: Extremely slow 4g,,

I've called and tickets have been generated in the past. Below are some of

the NRB numbers other tickets were issued but I lost those numbers:


I talked to my neighbor he has also been reporting issues that just

recently started in our area. We live in Talladega, Alabama, but we think

our phone probably uses a tower in Pell City, Alabama area across the river

from us.

I currently have a S7 Edge and a company issued I-Phone 6S. Both phones

average 200 - 750 Kbs download with 3 to 5 Mbs upload. Until recently

around June or July, I averaged 7 to 15 Mbs download speed inside my

residence. My wife's S7 Edge is also seeing the super slow speeds now.

As I mentioned in my response, one can switch the network mode from the

default "global" setting to "LTE/CDMA"  setting and for a small period of

time, a speed test reports 30Mbs download speeds. However after a few

minutes, the phone tests in the 200 to 750 Kbs range again.

For eight years I've never had issues around my residence inside or out.

Right now, the slow speeds do not improve if I go outside.

Something has changed, the previous statements tech support used to close

the tickets are "we do not guarantee coverage inside your house", or "you

live in a low signal strength area". For 8 years I haven't had issues until

just recently. I think it is probably the result of Verizon bringing back

the unlimited plans, and not have the infrastructure in place to support

the increased demand.

I held onto the old unlimited plan for years until this version of

unlimited was offered. I only changed so I could get unlimited text and to

take advantage of the hotspot option. However, if my service doe not

improve I will have to change providers. It does not do any good to have

unlimited data if it is so slow one can not use it. I'm getting less than

3G speeds in a 4G LTE area.

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Re: Extremely slow 4g,,

How does one open an NBR ticket?  We have the same issue.  It took me 8 hours to download a program and the speed was 112kbps...completely unacceptable.