Extremely slow lte in los angeles.

I barely been with  verizon a month i got a s8 plus, my dad and s8 and mom an iphone 7 plus . we live in Los Angeles California zip code 90022.. we have unlimited on all 3 lines but we barely used 11 gigs of data between all of us together  , i know that they suppose to slow u down after 22 gigs. But like i said we still haven't gotten there. And sometimes even standing outside with full bars LTE and full dots on my moms iphone its so slow u cant even load facebook, get driving directions , uber app wont even load cuz its so slow, picture messages usually fail to send or when they do send it takes forever . . Its become REALLY frustrating . Calls surprisingly work fine even tho LTE is horrible slow calls over LTE work fine , never had dropped calls or anything like that. Problem is data its driving me crazy. Like i said this is my first time with verizon i came from tmobile. And honestly tmobile was never this slow and i mean never... at my gym i go to after work in montebello zip 90640 i apparently get 3-4 bars LTE , but when i try to use a music app , pandora, itunes, google play music its always buffering and stopping takes forever to load a song, as u can imagine its horrible running on the treadmill and not being able to listen to music. I ran speed tests on all 3 phones at different times of the day even at 3am and i always get 1-2 mbps or even kbps speeds no wonder its so slow. what can i do? help !

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