Failing service/signal
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I have been a Verizon customer for years and I’ve noticed the service/signal is not up to par anymore. I live just outside of a small city and even inside the city the service is spotty at best. I feel I’m being way overcharged for spotty service. Has anyone else noticed that every time the upgrade say from 3g to 4g now 5G the service gets worse. I’m about to get a new phone and if this doesn’t help I’m saying bye bye to Verizon!!

Re: Failing service/signal
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We want you to have great service where you need it most and would never want to see you go, DJOHN2984. It's important you get good service for your money. Please tell us more about what happens when using your phone for calls, text, and data. When did this issue start? Do you know if anyone else is experiencing the same issues? -Danielle