Farragut, TN - Slowest Data Speeds I've Ever Encountered
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For my job, I travel on a bi-weekly basis throughout the country. I've never had an issue with Verizon until moving to Farragut where, for the last three years, I've struggled to have any sort of a reliable data signal. I'm very fortunate in that i have decent signal at my home but anytime we travel on Kingston Pike, the signal entirely drops or struggles to connect.  I see complaints about this as far back as 2015. Has anything been done? Will anything be done? 

Re: Farragut, TN - Slowest Data Speeds I've Ever Encountered
Customer Service Rep

Ensuring our services are working properly is important to us. We can definitely look into the area in question. Can you please provide us with the closest intersections where the issue occurs? Please know that some areas may have coverage but signal can be obstructed due to terrain challenges (like hilly or mountainous terrain) that can impede signal from being able to properly permeate within an area. While environmental and terrain challenges are outside of our control, making sure the service works where those issues do not exist is always a priority.