Feature possibilities for the MiFi 4510L

I just picked up a 4510L and a 10 gig contract. I am thinking about returning it for a several reasons.


1) MiFi as a modem was a feature I mistakenly saw. There are times when wifi is too crowded and a direct connection would be better. This is not a big issue.


2) The LTE is too fast for the cap structure put in place by Verizon. If I let someone else use my mifi they could eat most plans in 30 minutes on accident by leaving a download up to watching HD Netflix. For $80 a month I shouldn't have to worry this much. Maybe the limits should be increased. Verizon has not taken this cap seriously, if I am to be limited I need access to a real time counter that will show my usage. Better yet adding an option to work like TMobile and cut the rate down after your cap is reached would be nice. 


What if someone hacked the password on my MiFi's wireless and started leeching my connection. Right now the only option is to call the usage line??? If I don't know I'm hacked then I wont know to keep checking, and should I be calling every 30 minutes because that's all the time it takes to max out a monthly allotment.


A web API for developers so they could pull this usage data would be very useful.


3) From these forums it sounds like Verzion is not committed to fixing the bugging 4510L. I would like to see the web configuration page to be tested and patched as it's really buggy and some functions only work in IE. This is unacceptable.


Also I would like to see feature upgrades for the MiFi. Related to item 2 above the MiFi should be able to rate limit each device to set values to help ensure the cap isn't hit.




Verizon what do you think? Is there ever any chance we could work on item #3? Adjustable limits that I control in the MiFi would be very useful. Without that I don't think this is safe to use this LTE service and I can't recommend it.

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Re: Feature possibilities for the MiFi 4510L


I agree with your list 100% and would like to add that Sprint has an unlimited plan that cost around $80 bucks or so and no worries that one would have with Verizon.  


I have read the stories on this forum about Verizons plans and headauchs with the 4G MiFi, and a reason I will not opt for one.  Right now, I am leaning towards Sprint but have heard stories of issues with their MiFi as well.  Tells me that 4G is not right for prime time and is sad to say the least.


Good luck with an answer from Verizon JT_Tech.  I bet you will not get an answer that you are hoping for