Frequent loss of 4G connection and inability to reconnect

I have a Pantech UML290 running on a new laptop.  Operating system is Windows 7.  In my travels I've used my system in various areas listed as having 4G with no appreciable difference in performance.  Have had ongoing problems with maintaining connection and ongoing difficulty reestablishing a connection once lost.  Shortly after computer boot up or the first time trying to connect after having been operating for a while, a connection is frequently established in less than a minute.  If I try to reestablish after having lost a connection I get a device not available error or if not that, it may go off and think about connecting for many minutes or even more than an hour before finally connecting, if it does.  Pretty consistently, if I reboot, I can reestablish a connection in seconds. Not at all convenient to have to reboot...  I have spent substantial time on the phone with tech support, swapped out the modem, and in general been disappointed in the reliability of this system.  I previously had a 3G modem that was rock solid and reliable and was very satisfied with its performance.  A few weeks back I accepted the popup to check for updates and access manager went through an update including firmware update to the modem.  After the update the system would not connect at all and repeatedly gave the device not available error (an error # tech support doesn't seem to be familiar with).  I did look in my notes for the error number to include here to no avail...  I managed to uninstall the update and located an earlier version of access manager (ver (2642j) which has run reasonably well since.  This lack or reliability/predictability is a real problem as I use this for business. Just got another notice to update.  Any suggestions. 

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Re: Frequent loss of 4G connection and inability to reconnect
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Sent you a PM to address the issue that you are having.  If it fixes your issue or decreases the amount of times that it occurs let me know so I can share it here.