From 4G to 3G to 1x

I usually get 4G at work in Waltham MA however my iPhone keeps going from 3G to 1x and when I try to connect to the internet it says no data connection.  I'm literally 100 yards away from the Verizon building.  I wouldn't expect to have issues like this.  Might any know of network issues in Waltham MA?



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Re: From 4G to 3G to 1x
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We certianly want you to get the high level of service you deserve! Let's take a look into what's going on for you. When did you loose the 4G service? Which zip are you in? Please give this a try and test the area again for us:

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Re: From 4G to 3G to 1x
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I live in Pigeon Forge TN zip code 37863 on Mill Creek Road.

Our Verizon Service at our home has been degraded since a snow storm on February 12 and 13th of this year.

We use to be able to make cell phone calls from our couch in the Living room, now we have to put our cell phones on the windowsills in order to get text or receive cell phone calls. Then we have to return the phone calls on our land line because cell phone calls cut in out too much and drop out.

We called  Verizon Customer Service and reported the problem a week after the snow storm to let them know we were still having problems in our area. But so far we can not tell that anything has been done to restore the Verizon service back to how good it worked before the snow storm.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to get this service problem resolved ?