Frustrated that I do not have Unlimited Data anymore!

I have had Verizon since 2001. Recently I have been really frustrated and disappointed by Verizon. I tried another phone company that had unlimited data, but they had no 4G where I live so I had to send the phones back. I was forced to move off of my unlimited data onto the everything plan where I have to pay for every GB of data. The way I see it, this is just another way for Verizon to get more more money out of me. I will need a second job to afford my phone bill now. Did the management of Verizon think taking away our unlimited data would make us really happy? Does the management of Verizon have to work a second job to afford their phone bills?

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Re: Frustrated that I do not have Unlimited Data anymore!
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Well let's see. You left Verizon and lost unlimited data? Or you lost unlimited data because you purchased a subsidized phone?

If the first sceinero then once gone you would not get it back.

If the second sceinero you lose it because you did not purchase at full price or did not use Verizon's device payment plan.

And in both cases you lost the unlimited data on your own. Verizon did not take it away.

Good Luck