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Funk Proxy bypass

Is there a way to bypass Verizon's Funk proxy servers?  I have very inconsistent web connectivity where pages time out are slow to load.  Other non-http applications are all working fine and I have connectivity to the network.  If I VPN to work, web access is fine as I am bypassing the proxy servers.  I see responses from Verizon's proxy servers in wireshark traces when I am seeing the poor performance and they are like a roach motel - traffic goes in and doesn't come out.


Does Verizon have a plan to fix this issue? This type of service isn't what I pay $80 a month for by a long shot.

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Re: Funk Proxy bypass
Verizon Employee

Thank you for your inquiry. While by passing the proxy servers on the Verizon Wireless network is not a suggested option, we do ask you to go to our coverage locator at, and to a link at Please note the information provided at these links for later reference.


If your in a 3G area, your speeds should range be between .6 and 1.4 Mbps. If you are in a 1x or just digital area, the speeds will be less than 80 Kbps (.08 Mbps). The links will help determine your network connection speed is within the range that is supposed to be your device. If the speeds match up of what you should be getting, that means the network connection is present at the capacity Verizon Wireless advertises. To improve speed, we can recommend using the usb extension cable that came with the modem, moving the modem to an area where it will get better signal (usually near a window), and making sure VZAccess Manager is up to date which can be checked, and updated .

Re: Funk Proxy bypass

i know this post is old but first thing i found about it. so i am using an app on my phone that hosts a server and because of the proxy i am not able to do this over 3G but all my other friends that have the app are able to with no problem when i try to use the dyndns app it tells me there is a proxy being used and i would like to know a way around it so i can use the app.