Fusion 4G LTE- move router
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I have the fusion 4G LTE with cantenna internet service for my house because of our location. I have to have the router connected to my computer via an Ethernet cable, but I'm wanting to move my computer to another room. Can I move my router to another room without having the cantenna on the outside of our house moved too?

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Re: Fusion 4G LTE- move router
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I cant say for sure it depends on whats in-between the cantenna and your new location for your router.

I am losing signal strength in parts of my house, particularly down in the basement. Can a Cantenna bridge that gap and how can I maximize its effect?

Yes, the Super Cantenna may help to boost the signal depending on the layout of your house, and the obstruction that is weakening the signal. Signal strength decreases as the distance between base station and your computer increases. Try moving your base station and Cantenna away from the wall, metal tables, cabinets, or similar obstructions. Experiment by pointing the Cantenna in different directions, even away from the area that you are trying to reach. Sometimes rotating the Cantenna on its axis so that the connector points sideways or up will help to boost the signal. Finally, in your basement try moving your laptop toward the middle of the room, away from the walls or metal. You can also try tilting your laptop (or Wi-Fi receiver if you have a desktop computer) on its horizontal axis.

I want to mount my Cantenna about 25 feet away from my base station. Can you provide me with a 25 foot long Pigtail?

In general, the longer a Pigtail is, the more of a signal loss you may experience. For that reason, we currently limit production of our cables to 10 feet. 25 feet would cause a severe signal loss. You could purchase a wireless bridge, such as the Linksys WET54G, which attaches to your Ethernet port. A 25-foot long Ethernet cable could then be used without substantial signal loss.

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Re: Fusion 4G LTE- move router
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We definitely want to make sure you that you don't lose any connectivity when moving your computer EEEWILSO. As the previous user mentioned you should be able to move the computer provided that there is not a lot of interference in the new location with your Cantenna and the Router. We would recommend reaching out to team that handles the LTE Internet specifically to make sure there are no issues with moving the router. You can reach us at 800-922-0204 for assistance.




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