"First off I have a Verizon Version of the Glaxy Nexus that I picked up from Best Buy Mobile. I am quite happy to say it's lightning fast with 4G LTE. 51 mbps?!?! like 4 times faster than my home DSL connection. Good job on that VZW. 


Anyways they asked me to return it but I have a feeling it's because they messed up. 


I kindly told the Best Buy Manager to say to Verizon or Samsung or Google. "I will release it to you sometime before the end of this year." I also directed him to a sign up page that I made specifically for the product in question but I will never update him or change the page for at least 2 months or longer and I will show him I have have it "in stock in a cage" at my house for the next 2 weeks but that I can't release it to him yet.


You honestly think I am going to return this because you "don't think it's ready yet?" LOL! 


SALES ARE FINAL! A RECEIPT MAKES IT MINE! Just because Verizon fails pretty hard at releasing products and refuses to put out release or pre order dates or even share information on phones they definitly have a lot of stock on and some of them slipped through the cracks does not mean I am going to feel bad for them."


Just thought I'd pass along this info for those who have not gotten it yet. Don't give in. Don't give up. They are many. We are few. But we are strong.

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