Good Solution For The 3G to 4G Handoff
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I found this program yesterday and it works very well. This is coming from a very large seller of WWAN and WLAn devices. They know their business to say the least. Follow this link.

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Re: Good Solution For The 3G to 4G Handoff
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Great Link Toughbook!   I'm still in the 4G area, but next week I'm moving to the sticks, the outback, the jungle, the deserted places, uncivilized Indian Territory where I'll be lucky to keep my scalp,  Cannibal land, other words...3G Only!

You know the town as Covington, GA,  just off the edge of the 4G map. 


I checked the link, but am reluctant to commit to the experiment untill it becomes problem for me.


Is it possible that this solution re-sets the modem to a 3G only mode (as opposed to the VZAccess Manager switch),


Thus allowing Ubuntu and other OS's to run in 3G only area?