Google Nest Mini False Promise

Like many people I've seen on these boards, I am a victim of Verizon's Google Nest Mini s c a m, where you are promised a free Nest Mini after 65 days (why? no one signs up for an expensive service just to get a $50 device and then cancels the service immediately...and you would have to pay for the device in that case), then when you get an email to redeem the device, the tile is suddenly missing under the "For You, On Us" section of the Verizon app or site.  In my case, the false promise was made after purchasing LTE Home Internet service. Spending a couple of hours with Verizon support also appears to be part of the poor customer service experience, esp since the customer service reps themselves seem to have no idea about any offers Verizon makes to its customers.


I would implore people not to switch to Verizon in the hopes of good customer service. Your incumbent provider is probably no worse. 

Re: Google Nest Mini False Promise
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Same thing happened to me…