Got a new RAZR - major network issues in Glendale/Phoenix...

I'm in Glendale, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix, AZ.  I just bought my Droid RAZR Friday. The store I bought my phone at had 2 bars on RAZRs, and 1 on the new Galaxy. They are located at 59th avenue & Northern in Glendale. In most of the areas I have been, I get 4-5 bars of 4G - usually... But - my general area is 59th to 67th, Peoria to Cactus. The issue starts at Northern Ave and 59th, and continues all the way along 59th avenue to Peoria, and to my home in that general area, and you get 2 bars of 4g. Haven't tested beyond north of that, but south of what I described, and west, is good.


Now, when I'm home, I get 2-3 bars of 4g. I sit inside, and the thing goes down to 3g sometimes, then no data connection, then back to 3g, and back to 4g, repeat randomly -- but has full bars for phone calls when I see no data (the 4g/3g icon). Other odd thing is *IF* the 4g is on 2-3 bars, as soon as I make a call, I get full 4G bars....


**bleep** is going on here?


I have been a Cingular/AT&T customer for 4+ years and NEVER had anything like this.

I read the previous post on the "interesting article on the 4g network signal issue".


Is this going to get fixed, or should I return the phone and just wait 6 or more months?

After a year+, Verizon should have these issues taken care of...


Any suggestions? Take it back? Try a new SIM?




Thanks people!



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