Got taken again.
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New computer, system downloads threw me way over the 8GB I have on my jetpak. No phone - just a jetpak. Got message to AVOID overages by increasing plan. $10 for 2 GB. Changed my plan to 12GB to AVOID overages. Ends up it is costing me $122 instead of the $95 I was expecting. They charged the advanced monthly fee again so had I kept the old plan I would have only paid $5 more for the overages -- now $70 advance fee old would have been $75 overages.  I have to say I really am out to find another provider. This is very upsetting. I saved nothing. I even called a rep about the change and she said nothing about the "advanced" fee. I really thought I would have a $95 bill.  Can't wait to see what happens with the "advance" I paid when I close out this account!!!!

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Re: Got taken again.
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You will see where the month in advance charge is refunded on your next bill, IF you changed your plan back now. Did you make the plan change retroactively? If you set the change to take effect the day you requested the change, then you were given a credit for the old plan, a charge for the new plan, and the month in advance. If you changed it back effective the first day of your NEXT bill cycle, the following bill will have a credit for the higher plan, and a charge for the lower one, meaning that as long as you changed back EFFECTIVE the first day of your bill cycle, you will end up with a credit, and the normal month in advance charge for the original plan. No need to wait until you close your account, unless you are closing it before your next bill generates.