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Grandfathered Unlimited Web and Email Removed without Consent/Authorizations

Dear VZW Community/Readers,

I have been a loyal Verizon Wireless customer for 26 years. I have two lines on the Nationwide talk and text plan and both had the grandfathered unlimited data feature attached to them.

On Jan 3rd, I purchased a factory unlocked phone from the Apple store, full price. I went into a Verizon Wireless store to get a SIM card for the phone. I very intentionally did not make any changes to the plan or contract as I knew that doing so would remove the grandfathered feature. I did not sign anything, authorize any changes or do anything else of the sort. The young woman simply activated the SIM and told me the minute she activated it, it would transfer all my existing plan information to the new SIM so I would no longer be able to make calls using my old SIM. I got home and put the new SIM card in the new phone. Within two days I received a text message that said my number had “used 90% of its prorated data”. I had never received this type of text message before so at first thought the text was a mistake or phishing attempt; afterall, I knew that I had unlimited data.


Over the next few days, I continued to receive the messages two to three times a day; by now they had escalated to say my number had “used all the data in its plan & used its nth data overage.” I now knew there was something wrong. I looked at my account online and imagine my surprise when I saw that my plan (my line only)was now limited to 2GB of data per cycle; I then knew it was time to call Verizon.


Around Jan 9th, I call Verizon wireless and explained the problem. I assured them that neither I nor the the other account owners/managers authorized any changes to our account so there is no reason I should be limited to 2GB of data. At first the representative I spoke with tried to sell me a new unlimited plan as it would be cheaper for me. I pointed out to her that I use a lot of data that the new “unlimited” plans can not accommodate and kindly let her know I was not interested in a new plan and that I simply needed my original data plan reinstated. After researching my account and understanding the totality of my problem, she told me that she could see I did not place any orders for a new plan so my phone should still have unlimited data and that I shouldn’t worry because I would not be charged for the data overages.


Fast forward to Jan 23rd, I when I received my bill and saw Verizon charged me almost $200 in data overage charges. I immediately called customer service. I spoke with a representative who also tried to sell me a newer unlimited plan. I gently explained to him that I was not interested in any new plans as this plan was changed without authorization and the change was done by VZW against my volition. The representative assured me that he understood; he explained that since the grandfathered plan was so old, there was no way for him to add it back to my account himself, but I was lucky that I made them aware of the issue within 60 days of the change as it would be easier for them to reverse their error. He told me he would submit a ticket to the department responsible for reversing issues with grandfathered plans and call me back in a couple days.


Please note: While I had him on the phone, I requested a new SIM card for a new phone purchased for the other line on my plan; this phone was also a factory unlocked phone purchased from the Apple store. Since then, I have received said SIM card and so far no changes have been made to that line’s data plan.


Several days and many, many, many data overage text messages later, I still had not heard from the representative. On Feb 4th, called VZW again. He researched my complaint and said the department in charge of reinstating grandfathered accounts denied to reinstate my plan despite the fact that it was clearly VZW’s error. He then, like the other reps before him, tried to sell me one of their newer unlimited data plans. I explained to him that I was very intentional about keeping the VZW data plan I had (despite VZW’s many attempts to try to get me to change it) and simply want it back to what it was. He communicated my issue to his supervisor, who also tried to reinstate my original plan. While we waited for her response, he kindly tried to take my mind off of this issue that was very obviously stressing me out by telling me about his reptile collection and care, but ultimately informed me that his supervisor also wasn’t able to/didn’t have the privileges to correct the error either. I asked if there was any way to escalate the issue; a way to speak with someone higher up than his supervisor-- Hans Vestberg (CEO) perhaps? After almost 2 hours on the phone though, all he could tell me what that he would continue the conversation with his manager when he met them later in the day and call me if he learns anything that can help me, but otherwise he was “not very optimistic” that VZW would be able to reverse their error.


Immediately after hanging up, I call VZW back, hoping to speak with another rep that might be able to better assist me. The rep I spoke with transferred be to the escalations team. Another very nice rep who spent several minutes researching my problem and reviewing my account. She echoed most of the same things the previous reps had said and told me she would submit another request and call me back no later than the next day with more information. As I write this post on Feb 7th, I am still receiving data overage charges every view hours and I am STILL waiting to hear from her.


I am an epidemiologist and am currently need my data for COVID disease surveillance and hospital correspondence in response to the pandemic. This is obviously work that I can’t put on hold until VZW decides to address and resolve my issue.


I am in the process of filing a complaint with the BBB and FCC and am working with my attorney on a letter to the state attorney general’s office.


As you can see, this issue has taken much of my family’s time through no fault of our own and to date VZW has not reinstated my previous billing plan and payment charge prior to Jan 4th when they changed the unlimited data rider without consent. As VZW customers, we are already paying a premium for their services, there’s no need for them to stoop to the level deceptive business practices too. I don’t understand how an associate at a local store has the privileges to botch my plan, but there seems to be no one who can correct VZW’s/ their employee's mistakes? This experience has truly soured me to the idea of doing business with VZW and though I would prefer not to, I am ready to cut ties with them if this cannot be resolved. Have others experienced this issue? If so, how, if at all, did you resolve? What were the outcomes?


Thanks in advance to the community for any insight that you can provide.


Re: Grandfathered Unlimited Web and Email Removed without Consent/Authorizations
Customer Support

Hello, Vzwdani, we appreciate you for bringing this to our attention. Having the right data plan that fits your needs is important and I apologize for the trouble that this plan change has caused. Please know we appreciate your loyalty over the last 26 years and the last thing we want is to see you leave the Verizon family. Your time is valuable and we are eager to help turn things around. I have sent a Private Note so we can continue to assist with your concern. We look forward to your reply.



Re: Grandfathered Unlimited Web and Email Removed without Consent/Authorizations

A. Why did you need to get a new SIM card for the phone? Was your old phone not using a nano SIM card? 


B. If you did need a new SIM card, why didn't you request one through your MyVerizon account online so you could verify your plan before and after the SIM card order? 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.