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Hagerstown, MD 3G/4G
There has never been Verizon Wireless service Hagerstown, MD, we have been roaming on US Cellular's network with 1x data.

There have been several reports and a press release from Verizon stating that 4g would be launched in Hagerstown, MD yesterday, 10/20/11. I have a droid 2 which is not capable of recieving 4g, so I cannot comment on 4g reception, but I am still roaming on US Cellular with 1x data. Is Verizon launching 1x, 3g, 4g, and voice; or just 4g in Hagerstown?

Can anyone else in the area comment?

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Re: Hagerstown, MD 3G/4G

4G ONLY!  They will not be adding 3G...I have had many conversations with VZW about this and it is not in the works.  If you only have a 3G device the only way to access VZW in Hagerstown is to drop another couple of hundred dollars and buy a 4G device.  Load of Crap!

Re: Hagerstown, MD 3G/4G

I too received an email from VZW that 4g would be available in Hagerstown beginning October 2011. I have a 3g device that gets a constant 1x in Hagerstown. My son has a 4g device that gets 1x also. I contacted VZW, whom replied that there is both 3g and 4g coverage in Hagerstown. They told me to update my devices, which I did. This changed nothing. I truly don't believe the tower is up and running as advertised. I have to go to Greencastle PA, (or I could have gone to Frederick MD) to do updates or programming. That seems to be the closest 3g or 4g signal. Perhaps VZW could offer a better explanation?