Home Fusion, Another month of INSANE Overages

I have to admit, as a customer of Home Fusion for almost a year I have never had any issues, nor have I ever surpassed the 10GB of Data I signed on for. 2 months ago, however, I screamed into "double overage" territory, which being as nothing had changed with my usage (and of course, being summer it's actually LOWER this time of year as a rule) concerned me greatly. I bumped my plan to save the exorbitant overage fees, and now this month my overages are already over $300 and the month isn't even done !!! My PC is configured to not allow auto-updates, and in fact is turned off 90% of the time - yet even on nights when the PC is off, the data keeps screaming onto my bill (and it can't be a leech as my wireless has been disabled for over 3 months - one hard line to the PC, that's it) ... I was leery of this service due to these horror stories but took a chance that with due diligence I could avoid the "Trap" so many have complained of - and for many months all was well - but it now looks like they have got me. Has anyone successfully challenged these crazy charges and/or gotten anywhere with Verizon RE the obviously fraudulent overages?

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