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Home Fusion Service

I recently bought a home in Tennessee where I have a choice between Comcast and Verizon Home Fusion.  I chose Home Fusion as I could share usage across my family phones and I did not have to worry about turning the service on / off when I came and went from the house.  It appeared that I was lowering my bill.

The service is absolutely outstanding.  Just as good as cable!  And I was happy with my decision to go with Home Fusion vs. Cable until I watched a couple of movies on Netflix and got a text message alert due to the data usage.  So I logged in and checked my usage, and to my amazement, the amount of data used to watch a movie!  I called Verizon and they have data plans up to 50GB for $375 per month.  WOW!  I was blown away!  Here I thought that I was saving money, now it looks like I am going to spend a fortune as I am now locked into my service for 2 years!

Here is my issue..  Home Fusion is suppose to be an alternative to cable and Verizon's own FIOS service (which is not available in TN), so looking at cable only, they have a 250GB monthly cap for; I don't know exactly but it is under $100 per month.  How is Home Fusion competitive with that?  For me to get 250GB per month on Home Fusion, I would have to pay the equivalent of ($375 x 5) / $1875 per month!! 

Look Verizon, you may have this service to compete with dial up users or DSL.  Whatever..  Typically your 4G LTE coverage is in dense areas where home users have a choice.  Your pricing is out of sight!!  Stop this nonsense!  Be competitive with the other services.  I don't want to change service!

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Home Fusion Service
Super User
Super User

If you have the option between a wired internet service and a wireless one, wired is a much better deal and has usually higher caps.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.