Home Fusion data plans too small/restrictive

I have had the Home Fusion service for 3 months now.  The reason I went with this is that it is faster than my old DSL and I don't have a Cable Internet modem option at my location.  My issue though is with the restrictive data plan, where the most you can get is 30GB of download activity per month.  We don't even use Netflix or any of the movie download services, mostly xBox live (which I have had to restrict my kids access to so that we don't exceed our limits) and regular internet and email usage.  When I signed up they gave me a promotion of 45GB for 3 months.  I have exceeded even that every month.  Now they are going to force me to pay overage charges which would price the solution way more than a competitive offering.

Anyone else have issues with their data tiers?  I called their customer service and they won't extend the promotion any longer, nor would they offer me any other type of data plan with higher limits.  I can't believe I am the only one having this issue.

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