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My Home Fusion worked great when I first got it back in march 2013 but as time went on it would disconnect and connect all the time. Now on Dec. 23 it disconnected and will not connect back up. I called C.S. got the same old lip service of reboot this and unplug that I had already tried that before I called. It is still down C.S. said the moved my ticket to the top of pile but still nothing. I noticed that when it gets close to the time to pay the bill it works good until I pay the bill then service slowly goes down hill. Anybody out there having the same problem. And have a fix for this I would greatly in your debt.

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I do not have the fix but noticed in the last 4 weeks home fusion cuts me off or stalls out several times.  This did not happen during the first two months of the plan as it was fast and reliable.  I have tried the same things you have but to come back empty handed every time. If this keeps up I will opt out regardless and go to Hughes Net.  I live around the hills of Tennessee where it is hard to get a good signal but was informed a tower was close by and it would work great near the patio.  My neighbor has just informed me her HOME F was great until around 2 months.  She is now having the exact issues..... All this was for my daughter to take extra college courses on her I pad. 

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I'm going to keep this a brief summery...

Purchased Home Fusion 3/20/13 asked if there were any known issues was told no issues.

May of 2013 , locked in contract service starts to act strange, getting outages in 5-15 minute blocks

Ticket turned in per Verizon for coverage, returned marginal coverage, no offer of help

Contacted Verizon for help, rep suggested replacing router, new router sent, now working

August 2013, service out again , contacted Verizon was told there would be a 150.00 fee because I did not take extended service.

I Explained it has not worked properly the whole time I owned it, no matter need to pay fee.

Dealing with poor service until December of 2013 service totally fails.

Check the router and cantenna appears to be working. I plug in a router through the other router, service working again.

Systems fails totally in March of 2014, start complaining on Facebook,they ask why I never used my warranty?

I ask, why did Verizon try to charge me and not offer me my warranty?

Verizon now wants to help me out, and it helps keep a log, they send me new cantenna

I install new cantenna, does not work call Verizon, get yelled at for installing my own equipment, not sure what else to do with it.

3/24/2014 Verizon sends out field rep, cannot get good service, verizon contacted, informed of marginal service area, I accept offer of contract termination.

No more contact from Verizon, I contact them, they say no record of this conversation or offer.

I upgrade phones hones to smart phones to back up home fusion, extra fee's for me,Verizon is ok with this

I Again inquire about status, software update in progress, no date of fix

I inquire about termination offer, again no records so they won't do anything

I Ask them to contact the field rep that was out the day of 3/24/2014 and they are telling me there is no way possible to identify who was at my house.

Verizon runs analysis on my account showing 13.79 gig used 2.2 on my cell phones. They state this is good service, I need to wait.

I state this shows service not working for roughly 5 days a month, but they say its good.

Waiting for a promised phone call from a manager to resolve this. Still have very unstable connection, constantly dropping, loosing down loads.

System needs to be constantly rebooted to keep it running.

Can not be used for school type testing because of dropped data.

Paying for extra data just to make up for all the multiple down loads needed when the systems acts up.

Contacted BBB hoping for some help.

Agents do not read log on Facebook, just go straight to the reboot. I have to ask every one of them to read the entire log before responding before we start or we need to start from square one.