Home fusion not available, larger data bucket should be.
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I have been getting 4G since December. I've had to put a lot of effort and expense to (antennas etc) make it work but I can usually get 4G at '2 bars' all

' day now. After getting conflicting info from two different Verion stores, I now have consensus that I can't get Homefusion where I am I because I'm in an extended area. I fully understand why after figiting with several routers and configurations. However, I think Verion should at east give me the option of

Purchasing the larger and cheaper data buckets available with HF.

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Re: Home fusion not available, larger data bucket should be.

I get a good 4G signal at my house, hotspot works great, houses less than 50 yards (and down hill) from me can get HF but because their map says I can't they won't even try or give me any info on who to contact to help me. the android app I down loaded tells me I get from -82 to -77 dbm inside my house and no one will talk to me about HF.  Starting to think that since I'm paying for a hotspot they don't want to sell me HF since it would cut my bill (their profits).