HomeFusion - Best Option?

In about 4 months I will be moving to an area with limited boradband options.  HomeFusion is available to me, but I keep reading about the cap issue and read about VeIrizon "stealing" usage when no one is actually using the service.

My local provider is offering the equipment and installation free.

I am thinking the 20GB plan would be ok for us.  I recently checked and we are using 15-16GB a month on Time Warner.  No Netflix or other heavy downloads.  Mainly email, browsing, FB.

Also, we will be living in the Van Alstyne Texas area, so any local input would certainly be appreciated.

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Re: HomeFusion - Best Option?
Customer Service Rep

Hi Jeffxd,  Thank you so much for considering our service! The Home Fusion has been an awesome addition to our product lineup! I can assure you that data is only calculated based on the actual usage. You will want to be careful when keeping devices connected to the router when not in use as OS and virus program updates may go through without your knowledge. You can always adjust your plan allowance mid-cycle if more or less data is needed. Check out http://www.vzw.com/homefusion for additional information and to get started!

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