HomeFusion Skype for Business/Work Connection drops out continually.

I've been using HomeFusion for 3 years working from home.  I connect remotely to my work network and I use a Meraki router connected to the HomeFusion router provided.  Nothing in my setup has changed but I started having drop-out issues the beginning of this year that persists.  If I watch Skype for Business I get disconnected and reconnected consistently after several minutes of running fine.  This connection issue causes my work IP phone and overall internet connection on my work computer to drop out for a few seconds before it reconnects.  My work IT says it is a NAT issue.  Since I can't adjust this from the HomeFusion router settings is there any way I can correct this issue?  Has anything changed with HomeFusion that could have caused this issue?  Thanks.

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Re: HomeFusion Skype for Business/Work Connection drops out continually.
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hdwdlnd, we want to help you. Is this a connected landline residential service or a wireless connection?
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