Horrible Unintelligent Customer Service/Sales Team

About 2 weeks ago I called Verizon to inquire about transferring my service from AT%T to Verizon. I explained to them that I would only need one line for myself and asked if it would be possible to keep my fully paid off iPhone 6S from AT&T. The sales agent, told me that would be absolutely fine and I provided him with my IMEI number to confirm. He said my phone would be compatible with the Verizon network. We spoke about the 8g plan. I asked again if there was anything I would need to do with AT&T in regards to releasing my number or unlocking my phone and he said no. I told him I would call back in a week after I thought about it.

The following week I called back and spoke to a Cody in the sales department. I explained my situation all over again, describing how I was looking to transfer from AT&T and use my current phone number and keep my iPhone 6S. Cody then suggested that I look into the Verizon prepaid plans since I already have a phone. He said there was no reason for me to use a contract plan because I was not interested in receiving a new phone but when the time comes to upgrade, that I could at any point switch from a prepaid plan to a contract plan. I again asked Cody if there was anything I needed to do with AT&T and he said all I would have to do is provide him with my account number and PIN, and once I receive the Verizon SIM Card he would be shipping me all I would need to do is put it in my phone and it would activate a ping to AT&T, and since he had my account info online it would automatically set up. He said the ONLY thing I would need to check with AT&T about is to make sure I was on no contracts, which I wasn't. I agreed to start the 5G prepaid plan. He took my phone info and personal information and overnighted me a Verizon SIM Card.

The following day I received the SIM card and put it in my phone. It told me the SIM card was not supported and would not let me past the activation lock screen. I did check on the Verizon website and it showed me that my number was active and that my old carrier agreed to release my number to Verizon. I followed all of the steps for trying activate it by Wi-Fi connection and ITunes activation - everything told me that my SIM was Not Supported. I then called Verizon customer service and spent 2 hours during my work day on the phone with a lady who could not understand or comprehend why I could not find my IMEI number (I was on the activation lock screen). Because she was incapable of pronouncing my name correctly or seeing my information, I ended up having to take my SIM card out, and put my AT&T one back in 10 times to continue restarting and giving her the numbers (that she never wrote down, so I had to repeat this process multiple times). 2 hours later I had to hang up and get back to work and had 0 resolutions. She told me she was getting a supervisor and that supervisor name came on the phone.

I then called Verizon customer service back and spoke to a man who was able to tell me the reason the SIM card was not working was because it was meant for an Android, NOT an IPhone. He told me I would need to go the closest Verizon store to get a new SIM.

I then after work, wasted more of my time going to the Verizon store, waiting in an hour line to have the guy tell me that my phone was locked by AT&T. I asked him how that is possible because 5 different individuals told me there was nothing that I needed to do on my end with AT&T because it was a 6S. 

I then had AT&T unlock my phone and put in my new Verizon SIM. It activated and I tried to make my first phone call. The operator came on and said "Please contact your service provider, treatment ID is not able to be located, location number 58209”. I called Verizon back and spoke to a lady that said I was receiving that on outbound calls because of the new HD voice that was just released and that she would send a signal to my phone to have that fixed. It didn't work.

Now it is 11pm and I had to go to bed. The next morning I tried making a call again and received the same error message. I called Verizon back, I spoke to a lady that said I was receiving that because I was using an AT&T phone on a Verizon Prepaid plan and I wasn't supposed to be, because prepaid plans are only eligible with Verizon phones. She said that error meant every call I make is not connected to the Verizon network. I told her Verizon advised me to set myself up with a prepaid plan because I did have a phone already. She tried running some tests that were unsuccessful and ended up transferring me to the sales team. An hour and a half later, they set up me up on a post-paid plan, where my AT&T phone would work with the Verizon Service.

Over 24 hours I spoke to 15 different individuals that all had wrong information and wasted a whole entire work day of mine. Nothing was offered to me, I was expecting my first month free or some sort of compensation for the disaster I just went through that was their fault. I would NEVER have switched to Verizon if knew this. I would not recommend Verizon to anyone. If this is the process I have to go through every time there is an issue - then I will not continue being a member of Verizon. The lack on intelligence and all of the false information I was fed is NOT OK. I would focus on training your sales department to provide correct information rather than focus on their numbers and to teach them to not lie to consumers in order to get business.

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