Horribly slow 4G LTE speeds

My wife and I switched over to Verizon a couple of months ago from Metro PCS. I wanted the switch because I am a huge sports fan so I stream every game on my phone. Naturally, the unlimited plan (which we got) got my attention. I’ve long believed Verizon has the best LTE network so it seemed like a no brained to switch. Right from the start my data speeds have been horrendous. It’s gotten so bad that my phone is useless to me. It’s especially bad when I’m at work, which is where I stream the games. My typical data speed does not exceed 1 Mbps while my upload speed is around 7 - 10 Mbps. I’ve already called, chatted and visited my local store but nothing has changed. I have the iPhone 6s Plus, Ive reset the network settings, switched SIM cards and I’ve done a complete factory reset as well. My wife and her sister have had no issues with their speeds. I’ve had to bring her phone to my work in order to be able to stream videos. I am at the point of going back to my previous provider. I never would’ve imagined I would be saying Metro PCS has better service than Verizon.

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