How To Install Verizon Access Manager If It Fails Installation
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If you're unable to install the Verizon Access Manager on your PC the program will work just fine without installing it!


I performed the following on two different Windows XP SP3 machines and the Verizon Access Managers work fine on both.


1. Download the version Verizon Access Manager folders and files in zip format from:


2. Extract the zip file.


3. Copy the extracted folder and it's contents to your Program Files (i.e. c:/program files/Verizon)


4. Then go to: C:\Program Files\Verizon Wireless\VZAccess Manager and double-click on VZAccess Manager.exe


    The program should open.


     You can create a shortcut for VZAccess Manager.exe by right-clicking on it and put it anywhere for easy convenience.





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