How can Verizon look into data penetration in a specific area?

I work at [removed] and there is a legitimate 1 mile dead area along the highway (which is heavily populated) and you do NOT have any data service. Only the ability to make phone calls. Verizon says the area is within 2 miles of a tower, but I think there has to be a issue with the tower for Verizon to have a specific place this close to the tower without data. I regularly use a AT&T hot spot from a coworker for service. There has to be a way to run this up the ladder to someone to look into.

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I’m sorry to learn that you experience some data issues in a specific area along the highway. You indicate that you are able to make phone calls and this is certainly an indication of a potential option to improve data service in the area. We first need to confirm the trouble are and the distance to the nearest cell site. Please confirm a full address (street name, street number and ZIP code) of the trouble area and we’ll be able to accurately measure the distance from the nearest cell site, and confirm any coverage opportunities.


Also, how many signal bars do you see on your phone when you are in the trouble area?

Aside from the signal bars, do you see 4G, 3G or other?


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