How do I report a coverage issue?

I previously had strong coverage in my neighborhood (zip code 07302), but since a lot of new high-rise construction has come in, I am now getting 1-2 bars and often 1x coverage. My neighbors are complaining of similar issues. I have a Galaxy S6, my husband has a Galaxy S5, neighbors have a variety of phones including iPhones. Rebooting does not resolve the issue. Service is poor both in home and on the street. My neighborhood is supposed to be 4G LTE.

I have little patience with this - I'm looking into T-Mobile service already, even though I've been a staunch Verizon customer for well over a decade - but the neighbors have asked me to add my complaint to theirs so that Verizon at least has a chance to resolve this. The lack of a place to formally report a coverage issue, and the rigamarole I had to go through to get into this forum, are not endearing Verizon to me at all.

Currently 1 bar 4G in my home office, but if I walk outside I'll be at 1x with 2 bars maybe. Does Verizon respond to this forum and these issues?

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The customer contract also states that structures foliage etc will affect the signal. New construction depending on the materials of the structure will affect this.

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First of all...Your barking up the wrong tree.

Second of all, this is not the place to report these issues.

You need to call Verizon Wireless to submit the coverage issue complaint. I had to submit one a while back, it takes 3-5 days for them to get a resolution. Also, allow up to 1 hour to complete Troubleshooting and fill out the ticket.

And for the record...There is a place to 'Formally report a coverage issue'. Call.