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How to lock a Samsung 4G Hotspot into 4G mode

I have been reading discussions about the VZAccess Manager used with the USB cards.  Entering the special password will allow you to lock the signal into 4G.   Unfortunately, the Hotspot does not come with the VZAM.  

Where I live, the signal wants to default to 3G.....there is only one spot in my house where it will stay in 4G mode.  My neighbor uses the USB modem, so he is able to lock in 4G all the time.  Any suggestions?  Is it possible to lock into 4G with the Hotspot?  Thanks

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Re: How to lock a Samsung 4G Hotspot into 4G mode

Your best bet to find the answer is on Take a look at there sister sites as well,, If you cannot find any anwser your looking for on one of those sites, it hasn't been discovered yet. LOL

Re: How to lock a Samsung 4G Hotspot into 4G mode
Verizon Employee

Thank you for your inquiry. Adding to what was stated, service can vary depending on where you are located. The hotspot device can change from 4G to 3G depending on service factors. This is for maintaining your service connection. It is not recommended not to lock a signal into 4G service. This limits the device and can void the warranty. As we work on improving the 4G network, we trust that your hotspot will connection always to the 4G service. Because your friend was able to do, there is a possibility he could experience other issues as a result to locking his device to the 4G network that may not occur if he did not lock it as desired in the request.