Hurricane Ian
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To whom it may concern,

On 9/28 Hurricane Ian made landfall near Fort Myers Florida. Immediately after the storm passed, the level of service that Verizon provided was not acceptable. Being a business owner and trying to manage 13 businesses within SW FL was about impossible due to lack of communication through the Verizon Network. For the first 48 hrs post the storm, I had to use phones with T-Mobile and AT&T as the provider as their cellular service far exceeded Verizon. For the amount of money paid monthly, I hope you take this feedback and fix your reputation as I know some people switched within days after the storm to a different provider. When you need to communicate and you can't do so due to the lack of service; you need to rethink how you do business.


Disappointed Customer- Kevin Sekula

Re: Hurricane Ian
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I’m having the same issue. We were barely touched by the hurricane and I now only get two bars where as I used to have 4 at all times. Calls drop frequently and they say they fixed all the damage in this area but no one here is able to get a good signal with Verizon.