I Phone vs. Droid?

Why, when you go into the stores are all the employees pushing the Droids.  I would have thought since the I Phone was new they would be trying to sell them.  They show you a sheet that compares the two, they point out you have to go to a Mac store for service, and they said I would have to go home and activate the phone on line and switch all my contacts and pictures at home.  I know that this can be done at the store because there was a customer that just bought one for her son in NC and he walked out of the store with everything done and phone working.  It just seems to be that maybe they don't make as much money off the I Phone.  Am I right, or is the Droid better.

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Be careful with questions like "is the Droid better" as you're lible to start a flame war :smileytongue:


It just sounds like you got a bad sales rep, honestly.  Both pones have their selling poings, and it really comes down to preference.  Personally, I love my Droid X and never see myself going to the iPhone, but that's just me.